People Search Engine

Quanki has the following info:
  • local_phone Phone Numbers
  • email Emails
  • map Addresses
  • people Relatives
  • work Work History
  • people Associates
  • school Education
  • school Alumni



We can find nearly anyone across the USA with our refined searching capability.


Huge Database

We have gathered millions of records across any and all platforms to help you find who you are looking for.



Complete Profiles!

Your Happiness

Here at we strive to connect or reconnect people from loved ones, old friends, business acquaintances to that childhood crush. Let us help you find them.

Millions of People

We have gathered millions of records from all over using extensive sourcing methods, currently making us one of the biggest people finders out there.

The whole USA

Seeing is believing. We have the entire USA indexed and broken down to the smallest town. We have who you are looking for. is a people search engine aimed at helping people find lost and loved ones. We aggregate public data from all over the web.

That information is then aggregated into our databases and matched with possible matches.

Please do not use any of the data contained on this website for any credit reporting or screening processes.
If you require bulk data, contact us for pricing on the below email.